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Pot of Colourful Flowers

Vase of Pansies

Spring Bouquet

Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45

Wedding Flowers


Anniversary Flowers

Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45

Blue Geranium


Wedding Flowers 2

Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45 Price: £0.45

Primrose in Basket

Pink Roses


Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30

Geranium Blue

Sweet Peas

Daffodils and Tulips

Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30

White Roses

Yellow Roses

Anemone Bunch

Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30

Spring Flower Basket

Vase of Tulips

Poppy Panel

Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30 Price: £0.30

Summer Flower Basket


  Price: £0.30  


Each of the designs come on an A4 sheet.

Some of the designs are step by step.

The others are printed sheets where a little bit of creativity is required.

Start with one of the printed designs and cut along the outside edge - this will give you a nice background to your finished image.

Next look at the other images and try to imagine how the design will look when complete. Your aim is to bring the image to life by raising pieces of the image a layer at a time.






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